Sebastin Onyx
Physical Description
Hair ColorFair
Eye ColorBlue
Chronological and Political Information
EraNew Republic Era
Winter is when the boars can't get out and fight one another either, so they get all cozy and pleasant—they really do—and write songs and poems to their sows. Or, they hire me to write songs and poems.—Sebastin Onyx[src]

Sebastin Onyx was a male Human protocol liaison and translator who worked at Jugsmuk Station on Gamorr during the First Galactic Civil War. During most of the year, Sebastin used his extensive linguistics skills to guide visiting traders in their dealings with the native Gamorreans. Since Gamorreans reviled droids a Human translator was well sought after on Gamorr. In the summer and winter months, he earned a living writing poetry for the love struck male boars.