Senn Cholus
Senn Cholus
Biographical Information
HomeworldPencael IV
Physical Description
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorGray
Skin colorLight
Chronological and Political Information
EraRise of the Empire Era
  • Galactic Empire (Formerly)
  • Imperial Navy
  • Rebel Alliance

  • Senn Cholus was a Human male Imperial commander who later defected to the Rebel Alliance during the First Galactic Civil War.


    Born on the planet Pencael IV, Senn Cholus was the son of a rich family. He was in good terms with his sister Aven Cholus, and both of them trained during their childhood to became pilots. Sent to the Imperial Academy by their parents, Senn and Aven went on to serve in the Imperial Navy of the Galactic Empire. However, during the time when the First Galactic Civil War started in 2 BBY after the death of Galen Marek, his sister rejected Imperial ideology and deserted to join the Rebel Alliance. However, Senn did not have his sister's objections and joined the Empire. During his time as a decorated commander of the Imperial Navy, Senn began to realize that the Empire he served for several years was evil when Alderaan was destroyed by the Death Star. Sometime after the battle of Yavin 4, Senn joined the Rebellion.