Sk'kot Burrid
Sk'kot Burrid
Biographical Information
Died0 BBY, Toprawa
Physical Description
Chronological and Political Information
EraRebellion Era
  • Rebel Alliance
  • Red Hand Squadron

  • Sk'kot Burrid was a Human male rebel who was part of the Rebel Alliance, and a member of the branch called Red Hand Squadron, where he held in the rank of corporal during the First Galactic Civil War.


    A human male, Corporal Sk'kot Burrid was a soldier who served in the the early phase of the Rebel Alliance during the time of the First Galactic Civil War against the Galactic Empire across the galaxy. Sometime in the year 1 BBY, Sk'kot served in Bria Tharen's team called Red Hand Squadron and was involved in a number of missions against the Empire. While the Rebels planned an attack on the ship Helot's Shackle, which was full of Exultation-addicted slaves from Ylesia to Kessel, Sk'kot had a slight fever and was ordered off the mission despite his assurances that he felt alright. He remained aboard the Marauder-Class Corvette Retribution until he would recover.

    After recovering from his illness, Sk'kot participated in the battle of Ylesia as part of a squad assaulting Colony One. Since the battle proved to be far more difficult than expected, Sk'kot managed to survive the battle. Later on, Sk'kot and his team would make their final stand on Toprawa. Their mission was to take and hold an Imperial Communications Center long enough for the stolen Death Star plans to be beamed to the corvette Tantive IV, which happened to be passing through the system. The mission was successful, but Burrid was killed along with most of the squadron that took heavy casualties.


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