Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures was a Star Wars themed massively multiplayer online game developed by Sony Online Entertainment. First announced on June 1, 2010, the game is part of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars multimedia project. Although the basic game is free to play, premium content, including lightsaber and character customization, can be unlocked through a monthly subscription-based "Jedi" membership. In addition, in-game items can be purchased using Sony Online Entertainment's virtual currency system, Station Cash.

In August 2010, Clone Wars Adventures entered open beta testing. Three playable species were available to play: Human, Clone or Twi'lek. The game was released on September 15, 2010. On the games release the Zabrak species was made available to accounts with Jedi membership. Due to the success of the game Topps released a trading card game based on the game Card Commander. On January 24th, 2014, Sony announced that Clone Wars Adventures would be shut down on March 31st of that year.


The game is a social/minigame hub for players to interact with their favorite characters from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars (TV series). When the user first start the game as a new player, they will begin on the starter planet Ryloth. The player will be tasked to defeat a group of droids and then they would meet many of the iconic characters from the series to learn how to play a few of the many mini-games in this game. Trophies are awarded depending on the requirements that are met by the players. Players are also allowed to customize their own houses, purchase creatures and droids as pets, purchase and change into clothes and change their character's face or species with a Jedi membership. Many outfits for characters are available for Jedi Members only, or cost SOE station cash, which is real currency spent on in-game items, as in other SOE games. New content is usually released on a weekly basis.

Combat ZonesEdit

On December 15 2011, a Thursday update was released, it featured a new combat zone based off the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Umbara arc. The Battle of Umbara is based off open world PvE combat with two abilities, a standard blast and for Jedi Members only, a force push ability. It had four challenges, an airfield mission, and three bunkers. In the 24th of August, a new combat zone was added in an update called "Skirmish on Carlac", this featured just like the Battle of Umbara combat zone, three camps and a captured village to battle in. On April 5 2013, the game was updated to have the planet Felucia as a combat zone. Unlike other combat zones, Felucia has no challenges. It introduced mission tokens, a special form of currency for buying certain items. This currency could only be obtained by completing missions on Felucia. Since Felucia has no challenges, there is a Separatist base, Yorn Nuro and his gang of pirates, a sarlacc pit, and the rancor, Scratch's cave. A mission terminal, clone commando Boss, and Captain Carg offer players missions. Completion of missions gives players mission tokens and Republic Credits.

Battle ClassesEdit

On September 28, 2012 a new Battle Classes feature was added in the game, where the player can play games and more to rank up and gain experience points. There are currently four Battle classes: Trooper, Mercenary, Sith, and Jedi. Trooper is available for free to all players to start off with and if the player is a Jedi Member, they can get the Jedi Battle Class for free. The other two Battle classes, Sith and Mercenary can be purchased off the in-game store with Station Cash, though if the players are Jedi Members, they can purchase the two battle classes for a discounted price. Later, specialty classes were introduced in the game. These include: Scoundrel, which is leveled up by playing Card Commander and Card Assault, Technician which is leveled up at Technician Workstation; and Exile, like the original battle classes you must kill enemies to rank up.

Playable speciesEdit

The following are species are available as playable characters:



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Characters Creatures Droid models Events Locations
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Organizations and titles

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