Sunnar Jan-lo
Sunnar Jan-lo
Biographical Information
Physical Description
Hair colorBlonde
Skin colorLight
Chronological and Political Information
EraRebellion Era
  • Agamarian Resistance
  • Rebel Alliance

  • Just make sure you don't buy it, Sunnar."
    I'll be all right. Watch your own back, hotshot.
    —Sunnar Jan-lo and Keyan Farlander[src]

    Sunnar Jan-lo was a Human female native of Agamar and a member of the Agamarian Resistance who joined the Rebel Alliance after attending a recruitment speech by the Rebel Chief of State Mon Mothma. Solidly built, decisive, and energetic, Jan-lo had been a leader on her homeworld prior to joining the Alliance. Although she wanted to pursue a career in intelligence, she initially served as a starfighter pilot, seeing action fighting against forces of the Galactic Empire during and after the Imperial offensive Operation Strike Fear.

    Jan-lo flew as pilot Keyan Farlander's wingmate in an attack on the Imperial-Class Star Destroyer Intrepid after it became stranded and defenseless in the Circarpous system. Her X-wing fighter was hit by a missile during the mission, and, although she managed to eject, she suffered burns and cuts over her face, arms, and legs. She spent the following days in a bacta tank and was grounded afterward. Being unable to fly gave her the opportunity to enter intelligence training. She eventually transferred to Alliance Intelligence shortly before the Battle of Yavin IV.