Tani Gilamar
Biographical Information
Died32 BBY, Mandalore
Physical Description
Hair colorLight Blue
Eye colorOrange
Chronological and Political Information
EraRise of the Empire Era
I fell in love with a Mandalorian girl, married into the clans, and a hut'uun killed her. I know his name. I'll find him. And then I'll show him what it means to make a bad enemy of a Mandalorian with anatomical expertise and a scalpel.—Mij Gilamar, explaining his gold armor to Bardan Jusik[src]

Tani Gilamar was a female Sephi Mandalorian warrior who was the wife of Mij Gilamar during the final decades of the Old Galactic Republic.


A female Sephi from Thustra, Tani left her homeworld and learned the ways of the Mandalorian culture. Becoming a skilled warrior, Tani met Mij Gilamar while he was working as a doctor, and the two fell in love. At some point later, they eventually got married, and Mij was adopted into the clans, becoming a Mandalorian. Unfortunately for them both, their happiness together would not last, as Tani was murdered sometime in 32 BBY. Gilamar took Tani's death hard, initially drowning his pain in his continuing work as a doctor, and painting his armor in the traditional sand-gold coloring that signified a quest for revenge in the Mandalorian culture, swearing that one day he would find Tani's killer and return the favor in kind.