Techno Union
Techno Union
Organizational Information
Led byWat Tambor
Subsidiaries*Baktoid Armor Workshop
  • Ord Cestus
  • Ord Lithone
  • Mustafar
  • Metalorn
  • Nelvaan
  • Geonosis
  • Saleucami
  • Tar Moden
  • Telti
  • Utapau
  • Mechis III
  • Kuat
  • Foundry
  • Xagobah
  • Vulpter
  • Primary role(s)Conglomerate of manufacturing firms
    Major product(s)*C-B3 cortosis battle droid
  • LM-432 crab droid
  • Octupatarra tri-droid
  • Tri-droid
  • Spelunker Probe Droid
  • Droideka
  • Hardcell-class interstellar transport
  • Bulwark-class Mk I battlecruiser
  • Chronological and Politcial Information
    Date dissolved19 BBY
    EraRise of the Empire era
    Affiliation*Galactic Republic

    The Techno Union was a commerce guild made from various Galactic Republic-aligned firms and companies that manufactured various automata, including capital ships, battle droids and droid starfighters. The Techno Union lobbied the Galactic Senate on behalf of its members' interests and attempted to ensure fair commerce between its members. In time, the Techno Union would grow to include galactic shipping magnates to further ensure the free flow of goods.

    Despite it's alignment to the Republic, the Techno Union secretly signed as a member of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, providing the secessionist movement with various military assets. However, senator Gume Saam of Tibrin continued to represent the commerce guild's interests in the Galactic Senate, denying any of the Union's involvement with the "terrorists"and was heavily seen alongside fellow senators loyal to the Republic. The truth was that the Techno Union was backing the Separatists and was even developing new battle droids and bioweapons for them.

    After the Clone Wars, the Techno Union was nationalized and dissolved by the Galactic Empire, following the death of Foreman Wat Tambor.