Biographical Information
Died3 ABY, Gelgelar
Physical Description
Hair colorDark Brown
Eye colorGreen
Skin colorFair
Chronological and Political Information
EraRebellion Era
AffiliationRebel Alliance

Let's cut to the chase. I've got six team members to fly out of here.—Thella[src]

Thella was a muscular Human female and the leader of a Rebel Alliance Infiltrator team that went on numerous missions during the First Galactic Civil War.


A Human female from an unknown planet, Thella joined the Rebel Alliance to stand against the Galactic Empire during the First Galactic Civil War. In 1 ABY, Thella launched an operation on Kelada where she led her six team members on a mission to the planet to steal the sector fleet plans. While they successfully extracted the encrypted information, their activity was detected by the Imperials, and one of her team members was injured during the escape. The further Imperials responded by locking down Thella's transport with two squads of stormtroopers, and scouring the starport for her team members.

After all the trouble her team had gone through, Thella was determined to find a way off planet. She heard of a local infochant known as "The Finder" whom she hoped could aid them. While the rest of her team laid low in a hiding place, Thella took her first officer Huffreys, and approached the infochant in the renowned cantina, Lorana's Labyrinth. The infochant was actually a Twi'lek called Loh'khar, and to Thella's surprise, he already knew her predicament. They met him in Loranas Labyrinth, where Huffreys, for a moment, held his blaster out of his hand because he distrusted the non-humans. Thella demanded Loh'khar that they would should fly to Gelgelar, or at least to another planet where they would be safe from the Empire.

In exchange for a copy of the data she had acquired, Loh'khar agreed to help Thella and provided her with an Emdee Medical Droid, a decrypt unit for the coded information, and put her in contact with the Platt Okeefe who owed him a favor. Thella immediately realized that this person was a smuggler, but she and her team agreed to at least cooperate with them. Okeefe flew Thella and her team through the Imperial blockade of Kelada and onto the backwater planet Gelgelar in her ship the Last Chance.

Stationed at a Rebel Hospital Base in 3 ABY, Thella and her colleagues were still on the planet until the Empire launched an attack on the planet. A few GR-75 Medium Transports were assigned to evacuate the some of the wounded personnel of the base, Thella and Huffreys served in the defense against the first wave of Imperial attackers that consisted of Assault Gunboats. Thella and Huffreys were both killed during the defense, but giving enough time for the medical ships to make their escape.