Tigard Manes
Physical Description
Chronological and Political Information
EraRise of the Empire Era
  • Galactic Empire
  • Arkanis Academy

  • Tigard Manes was a male individual who served as a cadet of the Galactic Empire at the academy on Arkanis. Manes was one of several individuals that Zare Leonis, who had infiltrated the academy in order to try to rescue his sister, met shortly upon arrival. Leonis did not recognize the name of Manes's planet. Manes later served with Leonis, as well as Bedal Cerroux, Chan Harra, Xan Lanier and Anya Razar, in a live-fire exercise. Razar described Manes as someone who got overwhelmed under fire and tended to forget mission objectives. She warned Leonis that they would all need to keep in contact with him and reinforce items from their briefing. Later, Manes was part of a group that observed a wayward nerf consumed by one of Arkanis's sea creatures. The academy's commandant, Brendol Hux, asked the cadets how they would prevent such incidents. Manes was the first to raise his hand and suggested putting up a gate. Hux considered the suggestion "practical," but noted that it would also delay those who needed to get in and he also felt that it wasn't possible to simply wall off all of the galaxy's dangers.