Tisha Rostek
Tisha Toth
Biographical Information
Died2 BBY, Thovinack
Physical Description
Hair colorGrayish-Black
Eye colorGray
Skin colorLight
Chronological and Political Information
  • Rise of the Empire Era
  • Rebellion Era
  • AffiliationRebel Alliance

    Tisha Toth, known as Tisha Rostek, was a Human female who served as a loyal agent of the Rebel Alliance during the First Galactic Civil War.


    During the first days of the Rebel Alliance in 2 BBY, Tisha Rostek began her career as an agent of the Rebellion and was stationed at the Rebel Base of Dantooine. There, she met and fell in love with fellow Rebel Harovan Toth. They married and gave birth to her daughter named Samona. Their happiness was shortlived when Harovan became an infiltrator and served in the Rebel SpecForces. Tisha was killed during the Battle of Thovinack. After her death, Harovan mourned Tisha's lost and sent his daughter to the Rebel safeworld Isis, to live with dissenters from Toth's native planet Reynon.