I notice on this Wiki there is some TCW content (the 2008-13 Clone Wars Television Series). From my understanding TCW is part of Canon, it was the only non-episode SW content pre-Disney to become in the new Canon. Because of that fact, I generally do not consider that content Legends. Furthermore, in legends we have the Clone Wars Multi-Media project which was one of the things I came on this Wiki to celebrate. There seems to be a point of contention of Asajj Ventress who has a quite different story in TCW than in the Clone Wars Multi-Media Project. That is one of several differences in the two version of Clone Wars. I just wanted to move forward in this community knowing where we stand on TCW. Because Legends is essentially the old Expanded Universe and TCW was the first content to heavily overwrite the Expanded Universe I feel we should uphold it as not being part of Legends (despite the fact Disney lists it in both timelines). In fact, there are compelling theories online that Disney keeping TCW in both timelines to weaken the continuity of the Legends timeline.

I felt that show was the first Star Wars content to really start overhauling the EU. It's a well-executed TV show on the level of telling a story, but I felt it was not committed to telling the story of the major events of the Clone Wars and as an EU fan I disagree with about 95% of the creative decisions implemented. I feel if we are going to be a credible Wiki on the EU we shouldn't have content from a show that disrespects the EU (I can elaborate on this if you'd like me to feel free to ask and I can provide examples - quick hits: Mandalorians, Asajj Ventress, Anakin Skywalker, Quinlan Vos, Clone Inhibitor Chips???"

I was thinking it was best if we stick to the Clone Wars Multi-Media project for era information for this wiki?

Please let me know your thoughts on this as it is fairly important in our community going forward. 

*Note: The consensus on this issue may affect my desire to stay on this Wiki, in the case I do leave, please respect that I will delete my contributions as I want to ensure the writing I did goes towards a Legends-conscious Wiki (other people can replace that content, if they wish)

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