Firstly, this blog is supposed to be the one we're supposed to write on Community Central to promote our wiki. However, it is being written here first just in case the other administrator (and founder) would like anything or everything changed.

Hello potential Star Wars lovers (I really mean everyone). I'm B32(Talk)I-find-this-atire-appealing and I would love to show you guys an interesting wiki that has a lot of potential.

Okay, here are the basics. The wiki was founded in 2014 by my good friend, Spenpiano. That user founded it because they believed that Star Wars Rebels deserved its own "legends" timeline. (For anyone who doesn't know, basically everything Star Wars created before April 25, 2014 became "legends" that day, except the films and the 2008 Clone Wars series. "Canon" means everything in-universe that appeared in the films or 2008 Clone Wars series, while "legends" means everything that did not appear in the films or Clone Wars series, and in so is not considered "canon." This may all seem a bit confusing to people who don't know Star Wars that well, but let me or Spenpiano know if you need a clearer explanation. Anway, as I was saying, the Clone Wars series got its own legends timeline, however because Star Wars Rebels was created in 2014 after April 25, everything in it was always considered "canon."

Spenpiano also founded the wiki to showcase minor, unnamed background characters such as the many faceless stormtroopers and obscure jedi seen in the films. Although the information on the wiki is considered "canon," some of the images for characters who were never seen are in fact fanon. Where unnamed characters are often deleted on Wookieepedia, all articles for "canon" or "legends" beings are always welcome on the Star Wars Legends wiki.

Both of us are hopeful that the wiki will keep on growing, and users like you will be the people to do it. Thank you for your time.

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