Vasco Nailhead
Vasco Nailhead
Biographical Information
Died33 BBY, Cog Hive Seven
Physical Description
Hair colorDark
Eye colorBrown
Skin colorOlive
Chronological and Political information
EraRise of the Empire Era
AffiliationBone Kings

Vasco Nailhead, nicknamed Vas, was a Human male who served the leader of the bone kings, a gang of criminals within the prison station called Cog Hive Seven during the waning years of the Old Galactic Republic.


A Human male, Nailhead grew up on the planet Tepasi. He had a sister named Delia and later founded his own family with child. In the period before the Naboo crisis, Nailhead was admitted because of his criminal activities in the prison station Cog Hive Seven in the Outer Rim Territories. There, he held the position of leader of the gang called the Bone Kings and developed to the last counted sixteen members. The bone kings stood in rivalry to the Gravity Rockers, whose leader was the Noghri Strabo. However, both they secretly supported the arms dealer Iram Radique, the inside of the prison station built up an extensive network of allies and his illegal business operation from somewhere in the prison.

In 33 BBY, the Sith Apprentice Darth Maul infiltrated during an undercover mission, the prison in order to embark on the identity of the detainee "Jagannath" in the search for Iram Radique. The Zabrak caused a sensation when he hit into the obligatory gladiator fights within Cog Hive Seven that always remained victorious. To create chaos, the Sith student provoked a confrontation between the Bones Kings and Gravity Rockers, which ended in a scuffle. A little later a locked jaw, the two rival gangs in the washroom of Cog Hive Seven and killed them. The Sith spared their lives, forcing Nailhead and Strabo to accept him as the sole leader of both gangs. Only reluctantly, he subjugated the Zabrak and he wished secretly a gladiator fight with one of his gang members or even with Darth Maul himself to re-gain respect among the detainees. Since it came Nailhead just right when the bone kings and gravity rockers prison director Sadiki Blirr got permission to a group of treacherous prison guards, which are in fact spies of Jabba the Hutt acted brutally to execute. The carnage attracted also the house ends in the underground prison Syrox, a voracious and constantly growing parasite that then the two rival gangs, along with their leaders nailhead and Strabo soaked up and devoured.