Biographical Information
Died3642 BBY, Taris
Physical Description
Hair colorGrey
Eye colorBlue
Skin colorFair
Chronological and Political Information
EraOld Republic Era
AffiliationOld Galactic Republic
I've isolated an identifying element in the rakghouls' physiology, making it possible to detect and tract their movements.—Vernan[src]

Vernan was a male Human doctor of xenobiology who researched rakghouls on the planet Taris during the Cold War between the Old Galactic Republic and the True Sith Empire. He was one of the three leading rakghoul experts on Taris at that time. He had a camp in the Republic Resettlement Zone, however in 3643 BBY it got attacked by rakghouls and Vernan's colleague Soylon was killed. While conducting a message to his widow, Vernan was approached by the smuggler Voidhound, was was arrange to take a package from him and deliver it to Beryl Thorne. Vernan had to send the smuggler on an errand Soylon left unfinished before conducting business. Next year, the Empire made a push to drive the Republic off Taris and ruin the restoration effort. During that time Vernan was killed by Imperial forces.