Biographical Information
HomeworldClak'dor VII
Died40 ABY, Roche System
Physical Description
Chronological and Political Information
EraLegacy Era
  • Galactic Alliance
  • Galactic Alliance Navy

  • Vio was a Bith male flag lieutenant who served onboard the Ocean during the Second Galactic Civil War.


    A Bith male frpom the world of Clak'dor VII, Vio served within the Galactic Alliance as a flag lieutenant and would serve onboard the starship Ocean. In 40 ABY, he operated the Ocean's main comm console during the Blockade of Corellia, where he predicted to Jacen Solo that Jabiim and Rothana would come to the aid of Corellia first. During the Second Battle of Fondor, Vio put Cha Niathal into contact with Shas Vadde after Darth Caedus' bombing of Oridin City. He was later killed when the Ocean was destroyed in the Roche System.

    Personality and TraitsEdit

    When Jacen Solo asked whether anyone was laying bets on who would come to Corellia's aid first, Vio, like most crew members, couldn't resist answering.