Xizor Sizhran
Physical Description
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorGreen
Skin colorGreen
Chronological and Political information
  • Black Sun
  • Prince Xizor Sizhran was a Faleen Crime Lord who was the Dark Prince/Leader of the Black Sun during the reign of the Empire

    He sought to contest Darth Vader as the Emperor's right-hand man.

    Wealth & Power Edit

    Xizor was considered to be the most influential person in the Galaxy during his tenure as Dark Prince, after Darth Vader and the Emperor.

    The Black Sun held many properties in the Galaxy, but Xizor most preferred to have his base of operation in Coruscant where the centre of political power was in the Galaxy. He had an extensive network of spies to report on all activity within the Galaxy, His network rivalled even the Empire, surpassed only by the Bothan spies who were aligned with the Rebellion.

    Xizor had one of the most expensive droids in the Galaxy, Guri, who cost him 9 Million Credits. Guri was a hyper-realistic female-gendered human-like droid who was both an attendant and assassin of Xizor. Xizor, as well, seemed to be attracted to Guri (due to the hyper-realism aspect), despite the fact Guri was a droid.

    Relationship with the Empire Edit

    Xizor secretly harboured a great disdain for Darth Vader who had allowed for a brutal bombardment of a major city on his home planet where many of his extended family were murdered. Xizor had vowed revenge and sought to undermine Vader and replace him as the Emperor's right-hand man.

    Xizor would collude with the Empire with hopes of gaining more power. For example, he informed Darth Vader the information passed on from the Black Sun's spies who reported a Rebel a base in the Vergesso Asteroids. The intent of this collusion was meant to show the Emperor that Xizor had a more competent spy network than Vader.

    Appearances Edit

    • Star Wars Shadows of the Empire (Book)
    • Star Wars Empire At War: Forces of Corruption (Video Game)