Xyquine II
Astrographical Information
RegionCore Worlds
SectorCorellian Sector
SystemXyquine System
Grid CoordinatesM-11
Rotation Period26 standard hours
Orbital Period348 local days
Physical Information
Primary TerrainPlains, forests, jungles, mountains, tundras, deserts, oceans
Points of Interest
  • Capitol Park
  • Millennial Forum
  • Mount Vissa
  • Strangling Sea
  • Umber Jungles
  • Xyquine Base
  • Societal Information
    Native SpeciesNone
    Immigrated SpeciesHumans
    Primary LanguagesGalactic basic standard
    GovernmentHereditary monarchy, and parliament
    Population2.1 billion: 74% humans, 26% other
    Major Cities
  • Agadore
  • New Coronet
  • Sirden
  • Valendia
  • Major ImportsHigh end electronics, luxury goods, metal and ore
    Major ExportsFoodstuffs, biotech, manufactured goods

    Xyquine II was a planet located within the Xyquine System of the Corellian Sector with a diverse array of life.