Yanila Zavros
Yanila Zavros
Biographical Information
Died3653 BBY, Coruscant
Physical Description
Chronological and Political Information
EraOld Republic Era
  • Old Jedi Order
  • Old Galactic Republic

  • I don't remember them, actually. They died at the sacking of Coruscant, at Sith hands.—Ashara Zavros, on her parents[src]

    Yanila Zavros was a female Togruta Jedi Knight who served the Old Jedi Order during the Great Galactic War between the True Sith Empire and the Old Galactic Republic. In 3660 BBY, she and Rolend Zavros had a daughter named Ashara. However the two Jedi were unable to spend much time with their child. In 3653 BBY, Yanila and her husband were killed while they defended the Jedi Temple on Coruscant during the Sacking of Coruscant, and Yanila's child was adopted full-time by the Jedi Masters Ryen and Ocera.

    Behind the scenesEdit

    Both Ashara's dialogue and the Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia confirm that Rolend and Yanila died during the Great Galactic War. However, one conversation with Ashara features her reading a letter from "Mom and Dad" that mentions a brother named Asher, and she says that it has been fifteen years since she last saw them.