Astrographical Information
RegionUnknown Regions (Wild Space)
Orbital Position3
Grid CoordinatesD-13
Physical Information
Primary TerrainSwamps and Bogs
Surface WaterSignificant Southern Ocean
Points of InterestEndless Swamp
Native Fauna
  • Lurkers
  • Mawvorr
  • Wingmaws
  • Iknayid (native)
  • Societal Information
    Immigrated Species
  • Humans
  • Nautolans
  • Primary LanguagesBasic
    GovernmentEternal Empire
    Major CitiesThe Spire
    AffiliationEternal Empire
    You're a long way from home."
    Zakuul is the center of the galaxy now. That makes it home.
    —The Outlander and the Nautolan Thea[src]

    Zakuul was a planet located in the Unknown Regions and capital planet of the Eternal Empire. Located on the far western edge of the galaxy, Zakuul and the surrounding territory were considered part of Wild Space for a time after the ascension of the Eternal Empire.

    Description Edit

    A world with a significant southern ocean and swamps that cover the planet's surface including the Endless Swamp along with possessing three moons that orbited it. Originally, Zakuul was a backwater planet having possessed almost no contact with the rest of the galaxy due to its position within the Unknown Regions. Forced to settle in bogs and swamps, the early Zakuulans were a superstitious, nihilistic people who worshipped a pantheon of gods, chief among them being Izax the god of death and Ultimate Devourer who expressed his power through the pain and suffering of his followers.



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