Biographical Information
HomeworldThe Graveyard of the Dragons
Died22 BBY, over Nadiem
Physical Description
Eye colorGreen
Skin colorPurple
Chronological and Political Information
EraRise of the Empire Era
  • Old Jedi Order
  • Old Galactic Republic
  • Known MastersB'dard Tone

    Zephata'ru'tor was a male Duinuogwuin Padawan who served the Old Jedi Order during the time when the Clone Wars erupted. Serving in the Grand Army of the Republic in the rank of Commander against the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Zephata'ru'tor was killed by the deadly cyborg General Grievous during a battle over the planet Nadiem.


    A Force-sensitive male Duinuogwuin, a flying dragon species that measured up to 100 meters long and possessed the ability to breathe fire and survive in vacuum, Zephata'ru'tor was accepted into the Old Jedi Order and began his training in the ways of the Force. While growing up in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, he was taken as a Padawan learner by the Coway Jedi Master B'dard Tone in the years leading up to the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. When the war erupted across the galaxy, Zephata'ru'tor served in the rank of Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic.

    In 22 BBY, five months after the beginning of the Clone Wars on the planet Geonosis, Zephata'ru'tor and his master participated in a battle on the planet Nadiem. When General Grievous, the cyborg commander of the Separatist Droid Army, fled from the battlefield after the Republic triumphed, Tone attempted to stop the notorious Jedi–killer but was badly wounded by Grievous. Zephata'ru'tor also tried to hinder the general from escaping in his Belbullab-22 starfighter, but Grievous killed the Duinuogwuin in space over Nadiem.

    Behind the ScenesEdit

    Zephata'ru'tor was first mentioned, although only as Tone's Padawan, in Star Wars: General Grievous 1, a comic written by Chuck Dixon and published on March 16, 2005. Abel G. Peña gave the Padawan the name Zephata'ru'tor in Unknown Soldier: The Story of General Grievous, a 2006 article published in Star Wars Insider 86. In 2008, the character received an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.